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G-Sensor 2027 3D Pocket Pedometer Gift Pack
Huge Savings of $22.90 AUD. G-Sensor 3D pocket pedometer gift pack includes G-Sensor multifunction pocket pedometer with detachable waist clip & safety strap, Caribee Waist Water Bottle Holder and WalkingwithAttitude.com Membership Gift Voucher.

CR2032 Replacement Battery

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G-SENSOR 2027 3D Pocket Pedometer Gift Pack

SAVE AUD $22.90

A gift pack any walker would love! See what's in the gift pack below...

G-SENSOR 2027 3D Pocket Pedometer 

Our new slimline, 7 day memory pocket pedometer thats uses our highly accurate GSensor Tri-axis (3D) accelerometer is here. The GS2027 is easy to use and effortless to set up. The GSensor 2027 also comes with a detachable waist clip so you can choose to wear it on your waistband/belt or simply pop it in your pocket. 

Features of the GSensor 2027 pocket pedometer with 7 day memory

  • Great step accuracy: Uses Tri-Axis (3D) technology, it allows you to place the pedometer wherever it’s most comfortable to accurately count your steps.
  • Multifunction: You can also view estimated distance walked (in kilometers) and estimated calorie burn.
  • Very wearable: Steps will be measured accurately whether positioned in a pocket, around your neck, on your waist  or in a handbag / backpack.
  • Automatic Reset: Your ‘daily steps’ gets put into memory at midnight, which means that you don’t have to manually reset your pedometer every day. 
  • 7-Day Memory: The GS2027 pocket pedometer stores up to seven days of information (steps, calories, distance) so you can keep track of your progress over time.

Other features you will love about the GS2027 pocket pedometer

  • Detachable waist clip: The GS2027 pocket pedometer offers full flexibility in where you wear it, it comes with a spring loaded detachable waist clip should you prefer to wear in on your waistband /belt. Or you can just slide it into your pocket or wear around your neck (neck lanyard is an additional purchase)  
  • Step filter: To ensure the accuracy of your step count the GS2027 pocket pedometer won’t start counting steps until you have walked 10 steps continuously, this eliminates most non-step movements.
  • Delete daily steps delay: No more accidently deleting your daily steps. The RESET button has to be pressed for 5 seconds or more before the pedometer DELETES the current day's data (should you want to delete them, generally you will never need to use this function.)
  • Clock function mode - 12 or 24 hour display
  • Easy accessible battery compartment: No need for fiddly screwdrivers - just a ‘10 cent piece and a twist’ will get your battery changed in no time at all.

Walk with Attitude Gift Voucher  - Membership for 6 months

Walking with Attitude

Get on the fast-track to 10,000 steps!
There's more to achieving 10,000 steps then simply clipping on a pedometer.
WalkingwithAttitude.com will show you smart ways to boost your daily step count & inspire you to take more steps everyday.

We have taken our fun, themed interactive walking programs to a whole new level! You can collect challenge trophies and milestones, share the journey with virtual walking buddies and so much more...

Walking with Attitude.com offers exciting and effective walking plans (Available for downloads in PDF’s) that will have you blast through plateaus and shed unwanted kilos all while getting fitter with every step.

Click here to view www.WalkingwithAttitude.com

Caribee waist water bottle holderCaribee Waist Bottle Holder

Keep your hands free when you walk! Holds you water bottle securely.
Great for walking, jogging or just strolling around town!
Adjustable waist straps, one size fits all.
Side zipped pockets holds personal items  ie keys and money


What's comes with the GSensor 2027 Pedometer Gift pack?
Find out what is included in this Pedometer Gift Pack..
  • GSensor 2027 3D Pocket Pedometer
  • Detachable waist clip
  • Pedometer Safety strap (saves pedometer from falling off your waist)
  • Battery (Button Cell CR2032)
  • Easy to read Instruction manual for the GSensor 2027 Pedometer
  • Caribee Waist Water Bottle Holder
  • WalkingwithAttitude.com 6 month membership (pedometer & activity tracker themed challenge site)
  • 4 page 10,000 steps per day log - bursting with pedometer tips to increase daily steps and an easy to use 12 week step log.
  • PLUS FREE GIft Wrap


Q. Your gift packs offer great savings - what prices do you calculate these Savings on?
A. We base all our savings on our current pricing (excluding specials) NOT recommended retail pricing (RRP). So if you were to go and add all these individual items into your shopping cart, it would equal the total we have mentioned under the Gift Pack pricing that has a line through it. If you deduct the price we are offering for this gift pack against that total- that number will be the Savings! Phew! That’s a little hard to explain!

In summary - you’re getting a great deal and even better, some one will be receiving an awesome gift that we know they will be thrilled with. ;)

Q. Can I add other items to this gift pack?
A. .If you wanted to add other items eg: A pack of Fitdeck cards or a GymBoss Interval Timer, you can add these to your shopping cart and in the comment section at checkout you can type a note instructing us to pop it into the Gift pack.

Q. When is the Walk with Attitude 6 month membership valid from?
A. In the gift pack is a Gift Voucher for the 6 months membership for WalkingwithAttitude.com. The date on the voucher is the expiry date (which is always 6 months from purchase). However the 6 month membership is not activated until the unique code is used. Example: If you purchased a Gift pack for a friend in June and they didn’t activate the membership until October, their 6 month membership to WalkingwithAttitude.com will begin in October.

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