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Maxell CR2032 Button Cell Battery
The CR2032 button cell battery is the replacement battery for many products such as the GSensor 2026 or 2025, Yamax Digiwalker CW series, the Strollometer, Omron HJ203 and Hj113 pocket pedometer and many Heart Rate Monitors.

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Sony CR2032 Button Cell battery

Pedometers/Heart Rate Monitors that use the CR2032 battery:-

  • GSensor Pedometers
  • Omron HJ203 Pocket pedometer
  • Omron HJ112 Pocket pedometer
  • Omron HJ720ITC Pocket pedometer for PC
  • Yamax Digiwalker CW200 Pedometer
  • Yamax Digiwalker CW300 Pedometer
  • Yamax Digiwalker CW600 Pedometer
  • Yamax Digiwalker CW700 Pedometer
  • Yamax Digiwalker Powerwalker PW610
  • Kenz Lifecorder E-steps activity monitor
  • Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitors
  • Cardiosport Heart Rate Monitors
  • Strollometer (both console and sensor)

Battery Information:
Type Battery:      CR2032
Description:     Specialised Lithium battery
Voltage:     3V
Brand:     Sony
Width: 20mm
Height: 3.2mm
Weight:    3.1g
Quantity     1 battery

CR2032 batteries are the most common lithium coin cell. They are rated at 3.0V.

The four digits in the battery designation actually give the dimensions of the coin cell. The first two digits, 20, mean that the coin cell is 20mm in diameter. The last two digits, 32, mean that the CR2032 cell is 3.2mm high.

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