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About the Pedometers Australia Team

The leading pedometer specialist in Australia since 2005

Thank you for visiting PedometersAustralia.com

Pedometers Australia continues to set the benchmark standard as the leading pedometer specialist in Australia since 2005. We have searched for the most accurate, reliable and value for money pedometers in all price ranges.

Pedometers Australia have chosen only quality products, combined with a passion for ‘walking’ to ensure you make the right pedometer purchase.

We proudly offer schools, workplaces & community groups bulk/volume discounts on all our pedometer products.

Walking is our business!
Pedometers Australia is our second website. We are also founders of WalkingwithAttitude.com (2004) – a website that offers interactive online walking programs such as the popular and very effective Drop a Jean size in 6 weeks, 10,000 Steps a Day with Attitude pedometer challenge along with many other themed walking challenges.

When it comes to pedometers and walking we KNOW what we are talking about! So please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call us on +61 (0) 8 9358 5011 
Fax us on +61 (0) 8 9358 5022
E-mail us sales@pedometersaustralia.com


Here is a timeline of our Walk with Attitude Network

  • 2004 – We launched WalkingwithAttitude.com – You have a pedometer so now what!? Well Walk with Attitude well my be your answer! Where other tracking website simply track your steps, Walk with Attitude offers a smorgasbord of 'virtual' journeys, walking plans, tools and fantastic trophies to help you reach 10000 Steps a day - at a pace that's right for you.
  • 2005 – We launched Australia’s leading premium pedometer store – PedometersAustralia.com.
  • 2006 – We launched the Walk with Attitude’s Pedometer shop – PedometerswithAttitude.com providing our members with their own shop, offering premium pedometers and walking accessories.
  • 2009October - saw the most exciting phase of WalkingwithAttitude.com with the launch of version 3.0!! With technology advancing at an incredible pace we are now able to deliver a richer and more interactive experience without compromising the personal and supportive environment Walk with Attitude is known and loved for.
  • 2011May - We launched our first of a series of Turnkey Workplace websites – www.10000StepsAustralia.com. 
We’ve created an online workplace pedometer challenge that engages both the first time walker and those already active within the workplace.
  • 2011 - November - “Revamp” Launching our very snazzy, new look Pedometers Australia.com website along with the Pedometers & 10000 Step blog.
  • 2011 - December - **NEW** Launching our Bulk Pedometer website. This website is for all those poor managers that have been told by their boss - ‘Go and buy some pedometers and lets start a 10,000 step program’ don’t fear - this site is dedicated to you! :)
  • 2012 - January - very exciting, we will launch 4 of our Turnkey workplace pedometer challenge websites - stay tuned for more details.
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