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Pedometers Australia Top 3 pedometer picks

Welcome to our Top 3 Pedometer Picks!

We know there are so many pedometers and fitness trackers on the market today, that it can be confusing and overwhelming to choose what pedometer or activity tracker is right for you! Well, to make that choice easier, below is my selection of the Top 3 pedometers (in no particular order).

Its not surprising that our Top 3 Pedometers all use accelerometers, as they offer an accurate step count and positioning of the pedometer on the waistband or in the pocket is not so important as it is with the older style pendulum pedometers.

Pendulum pedometers such as the once popular Yamax SW series (SW200 & SW700) or our Low Cost WWA2026 are now classed as 'dinosaurs' of the pedometer world!

ALL our pedometers from 'Pedometers Australia' are accurate premium pedometers/activity trackers, we choose NOT to sell cereal packet pedometers or pedometers often found in large stores as they are generally cheap, inaccurate and unreliable!

Please, browse our Pedometers Australia online shop and if you have any questions give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the best buy pedometer or fitness tracker for your goals!

Happy Shopping
Kate Crosby

Our Top 3 Pedometer Picks

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