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Pendulum pedometers or accelerometer pedometers - waist or pocket find out here

Finding the right pedometer for you...made easy!

You’re spoilt for choice with pedometers these days and choosing the right one for you can get overwhelming! Don’t stress - you have come to the best pedometer shop :). Below you will find that we have grouped pedometers into 4 easy-to navigate categories...

Waistband Only Pedometers  - If you only want to wear your pedometer on the waistband/belt, you will find them all here - it's how all the old traditional pedometers were worn.

Pocket Accelerometer Pedometers- Pocket pedometers are extremely flexible in their placement, most models you can pop them in your pocket, around the neck, in your bag and some actually have a detachable waist clip. We highly recommend pocket pedometers, they are the best!

Watch Pedometers  - Watch pedometers are specifically designed for the dedicated walker, they are exceptionally accurate and have some great features. I love them, in particular Tech4o. We don’t recommend them for beginner steppers or for people with ‘active arms’ who want to count their daily steps ie a physio (as they can count arm movement after 16 continuous movements as steps)

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IN STOCK: The GSensor 2027 3D pocket pedometer with 7 day...
G-SENSOR Accelerometer pedometer delivers greater accuracy,...
G-SENSOR Accelerometer pedometer delivers greater accuracy,...

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